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As Bronx department - grocery - shopping - store - accident lawyers, you should choose Fundaro Law because:

  • we have handled many cases involving falls in stores and other businesses.
  • we will move your case and get you the most money in the shortest time.  
  • If you fall in a store in the Bronx, there are numerous things one needs to prove in a case like this.  
  • a first question is always:  what caused you to fall and how do you know it was due to something on the floor of the store?  
  • in my 28 years of practice, many people have come to me and reported that they fell in a store, but they did not know why.  Well, if you can't link the fall to something on the floor, there is no case.
  • Usually, an injured person will see what caused them to fall after the fall.  Maybe what caused the fall got on your clothes, and you can see it, feel it and smell it.  This is strong evidence that the substance caused the fall.  
  • You need to show that the store owner actually knew about the actual object - material - substance that caused you to fall.  An example would be if a stock clerk told a manager of a broken peanut butter jar in an aisle 15 minutes before a fall.
  • If you don't have actual notice, you rarely do, you need to show that the store owner should have known the defect was there because of passage of time or other evidence.
  • A factor to prove this, also called constructive notice, is what did the object - substance - something else look like that caused the fall?  Did the object - material - substance look clean with only one skid mark in it - the one created by your foot?  Well, in that case, assuming the object was a fresh banana, the banana was probably not there long, and it will be difficult to prove that the store should have known to clean it up.  But if the banana was brown, and in three pieces, and mashed up along with other debris and material, it was likely there for awhile, and the store owner should have known it was there and should have cleaned it up.  These cases are very fact specific, and you need the right lawyer to make sure you obtain the evidence you need to prove this notice requirement.
  • This issue of notice is an important one, because without it, you have no case.  The most experienced attorneys that handle store accident cases know how to prove notice and het there store accident cases to trial.  Fundaro Law knows what to do to prove a store accident case and we want to help you with yours.  Call us now.