Bronx Pedestrian Accident Lawyers Who Preserve the Evidence

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You should choose Fundaro Law as your Bronx pedestrian accident lawyers because these types of cases involve the most serious of injuries, and you need a lawyer who has experience with handling these complex cases so that evidence is preserved and your rights are protected.  

Bronx Pedestrian Accident Attorneys
  • More people are hit by a motor vehicle or car in the Bronx and in New York than anywhere in the world.  That's right, the world.
  • Walking the streets of New York, one is faced with crazy cab drivers, overworked, behind schedule bike messengers and delivery drivers, crowds of pushing and shoving commuters and hazards that only exist in our great city.  The bottom line is that Fundaro Law understands what must be done to get a serious case like these types in a position to get maximum compensation through fast investigation, preservation of key evidence, hiring of experts, and whatever else is necessary.    
  • We will get your case settled or tried in the shortest amount of time, and we will not not compromise in getting you the maximum compensation.  Don't wait.  Call us now.