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As Bronx sidewalk accident lawyers,  you should choose Fundaro Law because:

  • we have significant experience in sidewalk cases.
  • we will get your case settled or tried in the shortest amount of time, and we will not not compromise in getting you the maximum compensation.  
  • as explained below, sidewalk accident cases are dependent on small details, and only an experienced sidewalk accident lawyer knows the numerous laws, rules and exceptions that you must know to win a sidewalk case.  

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We Know All the Complex Laws in Sidewalk Accident Cases

  • If you trip and fall on a sidewalk in front of a business in the Bronx, whoever owns that property is likely responsible for the defect and your injury.  But it's not that simple.  
    • Did you trip on the sidewalk, the curb or the crack between the two?
    • Or that subway vent with the broken concrete?  
    • Or the curb?  
    • Or maybe it was a manhole cover?
    • How about a bus stop?  Did you fall as you stepped off the bus or did you take two steps and trip on the sidewalk?  
    • Did you fall on the edge of a tree well or in a tree well?
  •  The answer to any one of these questions changes who is responsible for the injuries and what must be done to protect your rights.  There are many more questions that I can help answer for you.  
  • The video below describes some of the things you can do to preserve evidence in your sidewalk accident case and some other considerations that you should keep in mind if you have been injured on a Bronx or New York City sidewalk.   
  • Fundaro Law has handled many sidewalk cases and can help you with yours.   If the City of New York is involved, as they are in many sidewalk cases, your time to bring a claim is very short. We can help you get the appropriate papers filed.  
  • If you hire us as your Bronx sidewalk accident lawyers, your sidewalk case will not sit in a file cabinet for months like at some firms.  We will move your case to settlement or trial in the most efficient way possible to get you the maximum compensation you deserve.  Call us now.