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As Bronx snow and ice accident lawyers,  you should choose Fundaro Law because:

  • we have significant experience in snow and ice slip and fall cases.
  • we will get your case settled or tried in the shortest amount of time, and we will not not compromise in getting you the maximum compensation.  
  • As experienced snow and ice accident lawyers, Fundaro Law knows the numerous laws, rules and exceptions that you must know to win a snow and ice slip and fall case.  

Bronx Winter - Storm - Weather - Accident Lawyers

There are many questions that must be answered to pursue a snow and ice accident case.

  • Did the accident happen during a snow or ice storm?  Was it still snowing when you fell?  If so, the "storm in progress" rule might apply, and you may not have a case, but every scenario is different.  
  • What time did you fall?  New York City laws allow a business owner some time in the morning to clear a sidewalk if it snowed overnight.  The time you fell can be important, but it might not matter if you slipped on ice that formed over time and no sand or salt had been applied.  
  • Had the area where you slipped been shoveled?  If so, had salt been applied?  What was the temperature?  Once it gets cold enough, salt will not melt ice and other measures need to be employed, like spreading of sand for traction.  Did you see salt in the area?  Did you see sand?  
  • If you fell at your apartment building, had you ever complained to the super or the one responsible for snow removal of slippery conditions?   If the building had notice of a prior issue, that may be important to the condition on the day you fell, in that they should have known that they needed to do a better job at snow removal.  
  • If you fell on snow and ice at or near a bus stop or subway station, there are many issues regarding who the responsible party is.  In that type of case, you will have to file a Notice of Claim very soon after the fall occurs.  You cannot wait to do this.  If you do, you could lose your claim for injuries forever.  
  • Fundaro Law knows how to handle a snow and ice case in an experienced, skilled fashion.  We will identify the responsible parties, do a prompt and thorough investigation, get the appropriate papers filed, and move your case towards a settlement or a trial.  Don't delay.  Call us now.