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As Bronx stairs - staircase - accident lawyers, you should choose Fundaro Law because:

  • We have handled stair accident cases and have settled these cases or have taken them to trial
  • We will move your case and get you the most money in the shortest time.  
  • If you fall on stairs in the Bronx, there are numerous things one needs to prove in a stairs accident case.    
  • One of the first issues in a stairs accident case is which version of the NYC Building Code applies.  There are three or four different versions of the Building Code going back more than a century, and depending on when a certificate of occupancy was obtained for a building, or when the last major renovation was done on a building, will determine what rules apply to the stairs in in your case.  
  • Were the stairs interior or exterior?  Different rules apply to each.
  • Did the staircase have a handrail?  Was the rail on both sides?  Was there a rail in the center of the stairs?  Again, this is all determined by the Building Code, Multiple Dwelling Law or other arcane rules depending on the age of the property. 
  • The step is composed of the tread and riser.  The tread is the part of the stairway that is stepped on. A riser is the vertical portion between each tread on the stair. There are particular measurement standards for treads and risers that must be followed for a staircase to be considered safe.  These standards are in the NYC Building Code.  Again, what code applies is key. 

  • Stair accident cases also require proof of notice that the landlord knew or should have known that the stairs were unsafe.  Fundaro Law knows how to prove notice.  

  • Stair accident cases are complex and must be handled by attorneys with experience and skills in these matters.  Fundaro Law has such skills and experience.  Call us now.