Co-Op City Personal Injury Lawyers

  • Bronx's Co-op City is the largest cooperative housing development in the world.  It has its own quasi-police force.  It has its own rules and regulations regarding what you can and cannot do there.  Every injury case in Co-op City is affected by some type of internal rule that may be in effect on the property.
  • Fundaro Law has handled sidewalk and other trip and fall accidents in Co-op City and understands the unique rules. They have their own staff of employees that only deals with injuries or claims against Co-op City.  If you have been injured on this property, call us.  We will answer your questions and help you because we have handled cases against Co-op City before.  
  • We are also taking cases arising out of the Legionnaire's Disease outbreak at Co-op City which resulted from a contaminated water supply in 2014.  If you were diagnosed with Legionnaire's Disease and you live or work in Co-op City, you may have a case against the property owners.  
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Casey Fundaro of Co-op City Personal Injury Lawyers Fundaro Law talks about his family background.   

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