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  • Labor Law Section 240 (1) protects workers while on a scaffold. Whether the worker is exposed to an elevation-related risk is a question that must be answered. What an elevation-related risk is has been interpreted by the Courts in many ways depending on the unique facts. There is no minimum height required to prove a 240 violation. We have the ability to interpret your facts and give you an opinion on whether your scaffold injury was caused by a Labor Law 240 (1) violation.

  • Scaffold cases are won and lost on the specific facts of each case. Although one can prove a scaffold case without a witness, it is vital that your attorney do his investigation early to ensure that your version of the accident is not disputed. Many times, who is responsible for your injury can be determined without a trial. You’ll need a skilled lawyer who understands Labor Law 240 (1) to bring your liability case to a conclusion without a trial.

  • We are available to answer any question you might have if you have been injured on a scaffold in New York. Call us now.