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We are Local Bronx Personal Injury Lawyers Who Will Fight for You

Bronx Personal Injury Lawyers Fundaro Law
  • If you or someone you care about has been seriously injured, Fundaro Law are local Bronx personal injury lawyers with the skills, experience and resources to get you or your loved one what he or she is entitled to:
    • Millions Recovered.
    • We Work and Try Cases in Bronx.
    • Over 30 Years Experience.
    • We Listen, We Return Calls and We Get Results.
"Casey's attention to detail is superlative. He is the most thorough, most prepared of trial attorneys. You cannot outwork him." - Jarrett C., Robertson, Anschutz and Schneid, PL
"Mr. Fundaro was very personal with me...it really helped me alot.  He did a great job on my case.  I definitely recommend him.  If you've been injured, definitely give him a call."  Rey R., Bronx Native and Former Client.  Click here to view the testimonial.

Bronx Car Accident Lawyers - Bronx Sidewalk Accident Lawyers - Bronx Ladder Accident Lawyers 

  • Fundaro Law handles car accidents, bicycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, sidewalk accidents, bus accidents and ladder accidents, among other types of injury cases.  We handle any case involving injury caused by someone else's negligence or carelessness.  

We Get to Know You

  • You will get to know us personally, and you will be able to reach us with questions.  We will come to you in your home, hospital, office or wherever you would like to meet.  Call us.  We are available now.
  • Fundaro Law makes it our core goal to get to know you personally so that we truly understand how your injuries affect your life.  It is the understanding of the impact of your injuries and the ability to communicate to an insurance company or a jury that gives your case a dollar value, so getting to know you is important.   Simply, getting to know you can mean more money. 

Casey Fundaro of Fundaro Law explains why you should consider hiring his law firm.  

We are a Local Bronx Law Firm

  • Your choices include bigger firms or firms based in Manhattan, Brooklyn, White Plains or even Buffalo, New York. With Fundaro Law, you know you are getting a local firm based in the Bronx and who works here.  A Bronx-based attorney is your best bet if you live in the Bronx.

You Deal with a Lawyer who Knows Your Case 

  • A common complaint with bigger firms is that you never deal with an attorney, and you never really understand what is going on with your case.  When you call some injury firms, neither the staff or attorney knows what is going on.  They have to "review the file."  We rarely have to make you wait for a return call for a file review;  we already know what is going on.  Let us help.  

We Don't Take Too Many Cases

  • Fundaro Law never takes too many cases so that we can devote the time and resources necessary so that you get the maximum money in the shortest time.  

We Take Our Cases to Trial When Necessary

  • In terms of skills, we are experienced personal injury trial lawyers who actually work in the Bronx courts and go to trial there.   Not every case needs to go to trial.  But when necessary, we will fight all the way through a trial to get you what you deserve.  Allow us to fight for you and your family. 

Any Questions?  Call Us Now at (718) 304-9980.  We Want to Help You.