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  • The Bronx and its diverse neighborhoods make it one of the greatest places in the world. The Bronx is the home of the Yankees and Yankee Stadium, the site of some of the greatest fights in the history of boxing.  Yes, the boxing pictures are from some of the great Yankee Stadium fights.
  • My father attended most of the fights at Yankee Stadium that you see in the galleries of pictures, except for the iconic Joe Louis - Max Schmeling fight.  His once in a lifetime experiences at those fights in the Bronx were highlights of his life.  Those fights featured "Sugar" Ray Robinson, "Rocky" Marciano, "Rocky" Graziano, and others in their prime.   The pictures are a tribute to him, his love of boxing, his appreciation of our legal system and a metaphor for the discipline and toughness he instilled in me.  
  • Fundaro Law is proud to serve all the neighborhoods of the Bronx.  Simply,  I would be proud to speak to you and help you as a resident of this great borough.  
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Casey Fundaro of Personal Injury Lawyers in the Bronx Fundaro Law talks about his family background.   

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